An adapted design

In February 2014, the very first Veme was built.It met with the technical specification which had been drawn up.Thanks to the caracterisation studies, we nowknow the influence that each physical component of the instrument has on the sound of the instrument.

A support structure was conceived enabling the resonator and the metal plate to be suspended in the air. Two attachment points were deemed necessary in order to hold the metal sheet in placewith cords. This gives the metal sheet a large amount of space in which to vibrate. The distance between the two cord attachment points was studied in order to avoid diminishing the sound.

In order to maximise the sound wave projection towards the resonator and to optimise the coupling of the metal plate and the resonator, the resonator must be 100mm larger than the metal plate. The resonator membranes are stretched in different ways in order to create a slightly out of sync sound.