A complete range

The short history of the Veme is already rich and will certainly continue to develop.

Six Vemes of differing sizes have been constructed on the campus of the national engineering schoolEcole national des Arts et  MétiersParis Tech, Metz : they can offer a gradation of timbres and totally new sound possibilities for orchestras and instrumental ensembles.

Large Veme® with a 2 metre high metal plate Small veme® with an 80cm high metal plate.

The instrument has now been patented and has featured for the first time in a symphonic work : the world premier of Surchauffe, a new work by Dominique Delahoche. Furthermore, the 4th December last, the MC6 Competition, organised by Metz Technopole and involving all the most important higher education establishments in the Lorraine region, awarded Michaël Elbisser first prize in recognition of his work on this project. From the 6th – 8th February 2015 the Veme was presented at the salon Musicora in Paris, and the six instruments have already been presented all over the Lorraine region and beyond ( Liège, Meisenthal, Völklingen…), to the delight of the public present.