Dream to reality

A design for
a unique sound
The Veme is composed of a metal plate which the percussionist strikes and a resonator which amplifies the low frequencies of the metal plate.

The research process concerning the invention of the Veme has been hitherto unseen. The research team started out with a sound « target », without having any idea as to the physical form that the instrument might take. The sound was originally imagined and modelised by two composers, Dominique Delahoche and Hugues Dufourt. The Veme is therefore a musical dream which has become a reality.

What distinguishes the Veme from existing percussion instruments today is its capacity to produce low metallic sounds and the avoidance of saturation in high frequency sounds. The resonance of the Veme is easily controllable. The use of technical gestures such as rolling and repeated blows or rubbing produces an impressive range of sounds.

Today, six Vemes of differing sizes have been built. Their sonorities correspond to that which the composers were looking for : the initial challenge has therefore been met. The instrument has now been patented and has featured for the first time in a symphonic work : the world premier of Surchauffe, a new work by Dominique Delahoche.


« The sound of the Veme allows the composers to bring into the orchestra a metallic sound which mixes in with the other instruments and transforms the overall sonority.» Dominique Delahoche (composer and co-inventor of the Veme)