A team

Nicolas, Antoine, Dominique, Hugues, Mickaël, Denis, François et Vincent, without them, nothing would have been possible!

Nicolas Bonnet Teacher on the campus Arts et Métiers ParisTech of Metz

Antoine Chaigne Specialist of the musical acoustics

Dominique Delahoche Trombone at the ONL et composer

Hugues Dufourt Composer

Mickael Elbisser Student on the campus Arts et Métiers of Metz

Denis Matheis Assistant director and teacher on the campus of Arts et Métiers of Metz

François Papirer Percussionist at the Percussions of Strasbourg

Vincent Renoncé Percussionist at the ONL

« The close collaboration between engineers, artists and scientists, has made possible the creation of an innovative musical instrument which can produce a range of new sounds which at the beginning existed only in the imagination of the composers. For us, it is as if we were asked to create a new colour! – Denis Mathéis, vice-principal and professor at Arts et Métiers ParisTech – Metz