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A role for the Veme in film music ?

Music has an important function in films. Whether it be the soundtrack or for effects, music allows changes of ambience or can even become a character in the film. If it is true that sound effects are more and more created electronically, acoustic sound, supple and rich is still of interest to film music composers. For example, the Veme has qualities which could give it a specific role in cinema production.

Symphonic music and sound effects

The Veme was originally conceived for symphonic music. It allows the integration into the sound of the orchestra of an undetectable component which produces strangeness, mystery and depth : elements which can be very efficient on the big screen. The variety of sounds which the Veme can produce also makes it an excellent instrument for the production of sound effects. Simply by altering the techniques and the playing accessories, it is possible to obtain an enormous variety of smaller sounds as well as sound effects and backgrounds music. What is particularly interesting with these sounds is that they are very far from the more typical connotations associated with metallic instruments.

What next…?

The instruments which have been built are available. Research is still being carried out concerning the improvement of the method of transportation of this instrument. If you are interested by this instrument, you should contact the Orchestre national de Lorraine to look into loaning and selling conditions.

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