Multiple musical possibilities

An instrument created for symphonic music…

The present day orchestra represents the synthesis of 3 centuries of musical evolution. The invention of a musical instrument today is therefore intended as a pursuit of this adventure by the creation of new orchestral sonorities. It is also a means of increasing new musical options and by so doing influence musical aesthetics. The Veme completes the existing range of metallic percussion instruments which have essentially emerged up until now from the Asian tradition. Thanks to its sonic spectrum which is less saturated in the high register than the tam or the gong, the Veme enables the colouration of background sounds, the support of the low frequency registers of the orchestra and can also uplift the sonority of the entire orchestra. The Veme’s very particular sonority is extremely variable thanks to the multiplicity of options for playing the instrument. This factor also make it an ideal solo instrument or an instrument which can be integrated into a smaller instrumental ensemble.

…With an opening towards new horizons

It is also possible to imagine that such a rich and powerful sound could be of interest to artists engaged in other musical currents. Following their encounter with the Veme, a certain number of musicians coming from other musical horizons have expressed an interest in using the Veme in situations as varied as brass bands, urban music or the cinema. No doubt other new ideas will emerge. The Veme is accessible to all those who wish to become acquainted with it and you are free to attend one of the many events which have been scheduled in order to present it to the public in the years to come.

« The sound of the Veme in a modern orchestra can replace the continuum traditionally attributed to the violas, cellos or to the low tessitura woodwind instruments. » – Hugues Dufourt, composer and co-inventor of the Veme

Surchauffe by Dominique Delahoche

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